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Bookkeeping Solutions for Small Businesses

The mobile app makes it easy to track mileage while driving and capture photos of receipts for business expenses. This is helpful for freelancers who don’t have a separate bank account for their business activity. FreshBooks offers a straightforward approach to managing finances, making it exceptionally accessible for beginners and established businesses alike.

Bookkeeping Solutions for Small Businesses

All QuickBooks Online plans come with a one-time Guided Setup with an expert and customer support. Xero and Zoho Books go further by letting you create more advanced forms, like purchase orders, sales receipts, credit notes, and statements. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and select from lists of variables like customers and items. Zoho Books is surprisingly affordable, and it even has a free version. Overall, though, Zoho Books is best for businesses that use other Zoho applications, but its appeal isn’t limited to such cases.

Best for Very Small Businesses

Bookkeeper360 stands out among some of its competitors by offering bookkeeping services for both cash basis and accrual basis accounting, plus it integrates with popular accounting software. The company offers a range of plans based on which accounting method you use and how often you wish to receive reports and updates. Additionally, many accounting software packages allow third-party application integrations. In a service-based business, a time-tracking application could integrate with the accounting software to add labor to a client invoice. We researched 19 different business accounting software products, and evaluated them based on their cost, scalability, ease of use, reputation, and accounting features. AccountEdge Pro provides a meticulously crafted suite tailored to small businesses.

Moreover, the adaptive learning algorithms that drive such automations are what provide the flexibility to scale quickly, sustainably and with minimal overhead expense. Fortunately, bookkeeping — in its simplest form — does not involve itself with the complexities of taxes or tax law. Thus, the vocabulary and know-how required to be able to speak intelligently to clients’ needs can be covered in a relatively short time. Small businesses often work with tax advisors to help prepare their tax returns, file them and make sure they’re taking advantage of small-business tax deductions. Though you may not work regularly with a tax specialist year-round, you’ll want to connect with one sooner rather than later so you’re not rushed come tax time. Kat Cox works to provide answers to the questions small business owners have about how to set up, run, or fund their businesses.

Accounting software features

And it may be a good idea to pick a company that focuses on your industry. It’s also helpful if the firm is up to date on the latest tax-law changes, says the American Institute of CPAs. With a history dating back nearly 7,000 years, to the ancient landscapes of Mesopotamia, the tracking and categorization of financial records is not a novel concept, per se. However, the integration of robust (and often highly affordable) automated software systems has created a significant opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

We recommend reading our in-depth review of any service that catches your eye to ensure it fits your needs—and your budget.


Kashoo offers a single plan, which will cost you $19.95/month, or $199 annually, and supports an unlimited number of users. FreshBooks listened, adding a ton of new features in recent years, including the addition of double-entry accounting capability. With these new features, FreshBooks is now a top choice for sole proprietors and freelancers looking for complete bookkeeping solutions bookkeeping capability. While all bookkeeping and accounting applications offer invoicing capability, if you want custom invoices that look professional, find the application that will do both. The accounting tool you select should work well with your existing software systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM), payment processing, and eCommerce.

In this episode, Harlem chocolate Factory founder Jessica Spaulding recalls a few of her early money management mishaps, and three big lessons learned. Tag things as you work to track events, projects, locations, and anything that matters. Run custom reports based on your tags for an instant view of insights that matter most to you. Solves the tedious process of accessing data for you and your clients.

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